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Vacation homes in Capo Vaticano, Tropea. Rental houses, apartments, holiday homes, houses in Capo Vaticano, holiday homes, apartments for holidays, vacation apartments, apartments in Capo Vaticano, Tropea apartments, Houses vacations, houses in Tropea. The neighbors are: Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Ricadi, Vibo Valentia, Parghelia, Zambrone, Briatico, Coccorino, Santa Domenica, Santa Maria, Spilinga, Joppolo, Nicotera, Caroniti

Surrounding countries: Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Ricadi. Tourist Facilities: houses, apartments and houses in Capo Vaticano, Tropea homes

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   --- ABOUT U.S.: ---
The structure, nature, environment and history:
The houses are located in Coccorino Bay, near Capo Vaticano and Tropea, in a small oasis of green; Tropea and Capo Vaticano, the pearls in the region calabria, ideal places to spend the holidays in Calabria, here is your kind of admire the beautiful coastline of Capo Vaticano, Tropea and the surrounding area famous worldwide for their beauty. The sea and the beaches of Cape Vaticano and Tropea in Calabria in southern Italy is a dream start. The home for the holidays you can always rent, summer and winter, because here the climate is temperate in the winter months and the apartment is equipped with heating. A stay here will be unforgettable, because the sea is renowned for the transparency and color of its waters. From the house for holidays, with a sea view, we have almost daily unforgettable sunset on the nearby Stromboli volcano, on the Aeolian Islands and Sicily.
Nearby, on the beaches of Capo Vatican and Tropea, you can use self-service external lease, rental boats, diving schools, Diving Club, sailing etc. or within five kilometers in the hinterland, tennis courts and horse riding. The holiday home from the beach is less than 300 meters. In July and August rents of houses, almost always, are from Saturday to Saturday.
The structures:
For the holidays in Tropea and the surrounding area there are homes, vacation apartments, holiday homes, houses in Cape Vaticano, apartments in Cape Vaticano, Tropea apartments, houses in Tropea, Houses vacations.
The folklore of Calabria:
The popular traditions of Calabria handed over the centuries, from generation to generation, are an integral part of 'legacy folklorica Calabria. From point out the many festivals and events, the best known are the festival's red Tropea onion is a Ricadi celebrated the festival of nduja a Spilinga, the festival of wine Brattirò, the feast of a polyp Joppolo, the feast of cheese Caroniti at a Monte Poro, the feast of pork, bean, the fileja, potato, and many others celebrate near Tropea and Capo Vaticano to Vibo Valentia.
The craft in calabria:
The Calabrian craft is very broad, includes potters, engravers, goldsmiths, weavers, etc. ..
The food in Calabria:
Calabria is also known for its incomparable cuisine, renowned for 'use of food simple but tasty strong and determined, such as garlic, l' unfailing hot pepper, red onion Tropea, vegetables and mushrooms.
The artistic heritage:
All the artistic heritage of Calabria, from graffiti depicting a Bos primigenius found in the Grotta del Romito, a Papasidero, reminds us of the complexity of historical events and the many rulers suffered. The archaeological excavations, intensified in the past, leading to light numerous testimonies that remind us of being in the heart of Magna Grecia.
The mountainous:
A strong and vigorous nature, sometimes still wild and untouched, is what characterizes the Calabrian mountains.
The coasts:
The Calabrian coast offer glimpses of extraordinary beauty. A natural, which, in a succession of inlets and beaches and fabulous scenery and different colors, but with a common dominator: the splendor.
--- HISTORY: ---
Historical Capo Vaticano, Tropea, Coccorino, Vibo Valentia, Ricadi and neighbors. HEAD VATICAN:
Chief Vatican promontory facing Coccorino, is located in the municipality of Ricadi province of Vibo Valentia. - This land was inhabited by Bretti over time, by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Saracens, Angevins, Aragonese, French. - There are numerous archaeological find. Many exhibits are in museums of Vibo Valentia, and Nicotera of Reggio Calabria. - There are numerous sighting towers against Saracens (Nearby you can visit the tower Joppolo). - On the promontory of Capo Vaticano is the writer lived Giuseppe Berto, who happened by chance in this place, it remained so fascinated by electing her to stay. And on Capo Vaticano Giuseppe Berto wrote beautiful pages, full of melting poetry. He wanted to be buried here in the small cemetery of St. Nicholas. So was one of the first discoverers dell'incanto of this place full of figs, olives, oaks, etc. ..
was founded, according to legend, of Hercules and he took his first name Portercole. - The city was occupied by rangers Saracens. In 1090 Tropea was conquered by Roger the Norman who transformed the Greek diocese from Latin America. Under the domination Swabian managed to maintain the status of city-owned. - The Palaces of Tropea patricians are at the core of the city. The narrow streets and winding hiding outstanding blazons on massive portals corroded by rust time. A Santa Maria Tropea exists on the island. (Island which was built the church of Santa Maria) property of Montecassino care of by the church in Tropea.
The Onion:
A Tropea, Ricadi, Coccorino, Parghelia and neighbors, cultivating famous red Tropea onion, pride of this land, exported worldwide. A Tropea Marina there is a marina. Hospitality:
The hospitable traditions of these countries have become proverbial.
The country of Coccorino, in front of Capo Vaticano. Coccorino presents singularity and color panoramas of high interest. - Coccorino, Joppolo fraction, is a feudal country (house of Tropea until 1806). Still, there are two buildings including the feudal tower owned by the barons of the time.
- Vibo Valentia:
(now the province VV) was a Greek colony founded by Locresi, which they called Hipponion. Today in Vibo Valentia, you can admire its ancient walls, ruins of temples. Vibo Valentia is dominated by the medieval castle of the Norman-Swabian origin. - Of great interest is the Museum of Art and the Museum Sacred dell'Emigrazione Valentianum. - A Vibo Marina there is a great marina-industrial complex.
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Comfort-house -  holiday apartments near Capo Vaticano and Tropea COMFORT-house - holiday apartments near Capo Vaticano and Tropea
PANORAMICA-house -  holiday apartments near Capo Vaticano and Tropea PANORAMICA-house - holiday apartments near Capo Vaticano and Tropea

BELLAVISTA-house -  holiday apartments near Capo Vaticano and Tropea

BELLAVISTA-house -  holiday apartments near Capo Vaticano and Tropea

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Call to De Leo Joseph to rent the house to leave

0963 883081
339 4871869

338 7072585

Write to Giuseppe De Leo, Via Monte Poro, 28 - 89863 Coccorino (VV) Italy

De Leo Giuseppe -

 Loc/tà BONATI - sn
89863 Coccorino(VV)

Please, during the summer, to call on the phone 339 4871869
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